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  • 2003 – 2006 the owner, Ana Dumančić, studies at the University of Zagreb, travels around Europe and the USA for various educations and at the same time does some part-time translation and interpretation work thinking its just a temporary ‘gig’.
  • 2007 – 2011  the first version of the Nixa is born, the office is located at Ana’s home – nota bene  that was way before working from a home office was even considered legit work!
    At those early days Studio Nixa operated in the form of a simple trade, but once the first two translators were officially employed; the legendary Nina Vukadin and Dunja Bakić, Studio Nixa stepped out of anonymity and begun to climb the mountain of success in the highly competitive European languages services industry.
  • 2011 – 2013 this period for us begins with the relocation from the beloved home office to the small office located in the famous historic Old Town Zagreb’s Street called Nova ves. Somewhere at that time Studio Nixa restructured once again and from the form of a simple company started operating as an LLC, thus yet again reaching new levels of participation in the newly opened EU market following Croatia’s accession to the EU family.
    Through that period it was introduced in the company a full-time position of business intelligence development and this position was quickly taken by a super creative IT engineer  Branka Martić .
    The decision to hire her was definitely a crucial step in the company’s longevity and adaptability as she was the one who initiated  to introduce an avant-garde approach of both document and business management .
  • 2013 – 2019 period marked by arrival Silvija Gospočić to the position of head of office and the relocation of business in Šoštarićeva 10. This period was heavily marked by continuous efforts to stay abreast of new developments in technology, always changing at lightning speed in our industry, but also by learning and adapting to customers, competition and other internal and external factors.
  • 2020 now after the Zagreb earthquake and the beginning of the pandemic, we decide to relocate the office from Šoštarićeva, and from the center of town in general, opting for the business zone in the new parts of the city, more precisely we set up camp at the Oktavijan building in Radnička street…. As we once again went back to working more dispersedly due to the pandemic, during this time we invested a lot in new technology for remote data storage and exchange and in improving infrastructure. Most of our employees and collaborators during these times were working from their homes and we went through a difficult long period of isolation, illnesses, business downturns which seams to be reaching an end… Stay tuned for the next chapter.




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