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Translation studio in Zagreb

About Us

2003 – 2005 Ana Dumančić works as a self-employed freelance translator and court interpreter of written texts.

2007 – 2011 She founds Studio Nixa, a boutique translation agency with three full-time employees who share a 15% profit earned by mediation business

2011 Taking a step forward, part of the resources is very successfully redirected to the construction and promotion of simulatenous translation and conference translation equipment services and Studio Nixa is restructured and turned into a company Studio Nixa d.o.o.

2015 Nowadays, here at Studio Nixa we continuously introduce innovations and adapt to new technologies, study optimal solutions and successfully implement innovations in our written translation, while also providing our clients with new simultaenous translation technologies.

The success which followed in the simulatenous translation area of work is by no means accidental, but the result of experience and tireless coordinated work of specialized standard translation equipment engineers, conference interpreters and software development experts.

The combination of quality, dedication, knowledge and experience along with organizational skills and ultimate commitment to clients and associates has established Studio Nixa at the translation services market.

Decades of experience and hundreds of impeccable translations and conferences, organized to the smallest detail and without delay, guarantee the quality of our service.

Our success is proven by numerous acknowledgements for which we are grateful.


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