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Knock, knock.

Who’s there?

Its me, this year’s Google algorythm!

What do you want?

We want to let you know that you’ll need more than a simple website translation if you want to expand into Croatia.

Thank you for your concern, but we already localised our site.

And you think that is enough?

Isn’t it?

Now, there is only way to find that out.

Oh, and what’s that?

Empirically, though loss of sales. Or… Maybe you’d rather do something about it?

 SEO in Croatia step by step

Rather than just translating your website throwing around some random keywords, we’ll take a look at your website from a digital marketing perspective. To make your money worth while and to ensure that the translation you ordered really does pay off.


Keyword research is step No. 1. We’ll do this using keyword planner, MOZ, SEMRush, or whatever tool you’d like. What we know and you don’t is what native Croatian people would actually search for.


Once you’ve approved the list of our keywords, we’ll proceed to the translation stage. Making sure everything needed for on-page optimization is translated and aligned with the keywords, e.g. URLs, headers, titles, meta descriptions, etc.

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