This is a security cord. This cord, believe it or not, is a direct descendant of the so-called red tape whose use was first recorded in the documents dating to the 16th century, when Henry VIII begged Pope Clement VII to annul his marriage to Catherine of Aragon.

The custom at that time was to separate all the important documents which needed to be discussed at the highest levels from the regular administrative ones by binding them in red tape, as opposed to the ordinary one.

This practice was soon adopted by numerous other European rulers, among others also the ones from our parts, to speed up important administrative procedures. The problem is that we kept this practice in Croatia until today.

And while in the IT era in the UK all state officials are using modern technologies, and the term "red tape" survived exclusively in the meaning of a "burden of state administration", in our country tapes are still widely used in place of a digital signature and verification codes.