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 We might be able to help you if:

  • You have any document in a foreign language it needs translation and certification
  • You need to prepare a tender and you need to align your documentation in different languages, or your multi-lingual documents are up for publication or signing and the contents should be perfect.
  • You have a web shop, portal or application that needs to be not only translated but also maintained in several languages..
  • If there is a a document and you urgently need to understand the contents of it, but its in a language that you don’t understand or that you just partially understand… Someone (not you, of course) already tried to paste it into Google Translate but the result was not satisfactory…. You need it but you have no time or a budget to spend on it… In such cases it’s best to call us, we’ll find a way to solve it regardless of your budget. And if there will be a price to pay it will be such that you’ll regret you ever embarked on the Google copy pasting adventure.
  • If you were given the task of organizing an event, conference or ordinary meeting and know that some of the speakers or participants do not understand some of the working languages. How does that sound to you? Sounds great! I want to sent you an inquiry.